A wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and understandably you may have many questions in your mind.  I have tried to cover the most frequently asked questions here, but please feel free to contact me if you have anything at all that you would like to go over. 

How many hours should we book?

The Love Story specialises in keeping wedding photography to three hours or less because in that time you are able to have all the meaningful moments of your day captured. This also means the photography will be less intrusive, so you are free to relax and enjoy the day without having a camera around all the time. As a rough guide, here are some suggestions:

One hour - Tiny weddings - just you, your beloved and your witnesses on a windswept beach/ among the trees/ in the marriage registry/ anywhere you can imagine saying your vows.
Two hours - Small family weddings, getting married in your backyard or having a simple ceremony and party with your favourite people around you? Two hours is enough to get all the love, hugs, laughs and family portraits on camera.
Three hours - If you're planning on a group of around 50 people at your wedding, it may take a little longer to work through the formalities and capture all your special guests as well, so the three hour package is the way to go.

There is now an option to book a fourth hour if you feel that you would like that.

How do we explain what we want? 

I love a chat on the phone and you are always welcome to call, or send an email if you prefer to help me understand exactly what you would like to have on your wedding day. While I love to try and bring a little creativity to your wedding photos,  it's most important to me to know what you are wanting - who are the people you'd love in pictures together, what kind of photos you love, your dreams and plans of your wedding day and the family dynamics. Of course, you're welcome to tell me your own love story too, because that’s my favourite part! 

I’m nervous about having photos taken - can you help me?

Helping you pose is my super power! I will give you some simple tips to help you relax, feel calm and look natural and gorgeous. On the day, you’ll hardly notice me, except when I quietly ask or signal to you to change your pose. I believe that everyone should look effortlessly beautiful in their wedding photos, and that it is my mission :-) 

 There will also be lots of candid moments captured too, as so often these are the favourites.

When is the best time to have wedding photos?

If you want soft, golden light, the end of the day is usually best. However, if your wedding is earlier in the day, we can always find a perfect spot where the light falls gently to make soft, evocative pictures.

Should I get my makeup done professionally?

Most brides get their hair and makeup done on their wedding day. Professional makeup adds a little polish to your photos and definitely gives you a confident edge! I can recommend reputable makeup artists on request.

Do you edit your images?

Like most professional photographers, I shoot in camera RAW, which means that I must edit all your images. My preferred style of editing is light and natural, so the images you get look lovely and clean.

What equipment do you use?

I always have two cameras and a range of lenses with me. I prefer natural and available light but have lighting if necessary.

Are you experienced?

Yes, I am am a highly experienced professional photographer. Over the last six years, I have shot hundreds of small weddings and elopements across Australia and internationally.

 I take immense pride in my work and strive to always deliver images that my clients will love and treasure.

When will we receive our wedding photos?

I am used to working to tight time frames and so will endeavour to get your images back to you within one month. I always send at least one photo to you the day after your wedding to share with people who can't be with you on the day. If you are flying out of Perth soon after the wedding, don't worry, I will have everything ready for you to take home.

Do we get an album?

I have beautiful, simple cream linen albums that showcase the best of your photos. They are included in all the packages, as I love printed images that will last a lifetime.

Are there costs after the wedding?

No, all costs are listed on this website. There are no hidden or additional costs.

What’s the first step?

To find out if I am available on your wedding date, or if you have any other questions, please get in touch

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