a bride and groom under an arbour on the beach getting married. There are big rocks in the background
A bride and groom walk down the street in Fremantle at sunset
a newly married couple walk down a long path. The bride is wearing a denim jacket.
a bride and groom looking at each other with leaves in the background
a bride walking in the streets of fremantle
a bride and groom walking down a road under some big trees
a newly married bride and groom looking at the camera.
a beautiful red and cream wedding bouquet resting on a green wall
 a bride under her veil looking down and holding flowers
black and white photo of a bride and groom in an embrace. The bride has her eyes closed.

"Anthea was absolutely amazing on our wedding day! I felt a little nervous before everything started and she instantly made us feel at ease and got us smiling. 

She was very accomodating, going to another location to take photos and has totally captured our essence in our photos. Would definitely recommended you can't get any better than perfect!"


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