Feet in the sand.

plants on a beach in perth with the sea in the background
a bride and groom and their baby on the beach. The groom is tossing the baby up and the bride is tossing her flowers up.
a couple embrace at sunset on the beach in perth after their wedding
a bride and groom on the beach in perth. The bride turns to look at the camera
a close up photo of a bride's wedding rings on her groom's hip
a  bride and groom embrace on the beach after their wedding
a newly married couple walk along the beach at sunset with the sea behind them
a bride and groom in an embrace at the beach. The bride holds a bouquet of white flowers
a plant on the beach in perth
a groom kisses his bride on the forehead at the beach
a bride and groom walk towards the sea at sunset

"Super professional, absolutely lovely to be around. My partner and I were a bit apprehensive about having our photo taken and it being a bit awkward, but Anthea put us both at ease and the photos came out absolutely perfect. 

So happy we went with her on our wedding day! "


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